Stop means STOP!

posted: 2000-03-04
Once again the editor makes on the front page, this time for skiing. While out training for the Derby last week I had , what you might describe as a near miss. Midway through the day Alex, Darren(ISBA), Jane(ISBA), Steve(Líequipe) were practicing the two lips below the Bel Air restaurant. After the second lip the piste opens up as it goes down to 1650. Following Darren over the second lip I was going virtually flat out. There was a large group of skiers dividing the piste into two. Darren went to the left and I went to the right. I had visualised the gap where I was skiing through until a small child decided to ski across it. To my left people, to my right a drag lift my only way out was through a large orange Ralentir Stop sign. As I hit the sign I had a split second thought that it might not give way and I would end up in Moutier A&E. Luckily it gave way I was left flying down the piste with the sign wrapped around me. After 50 metres I managed to discard it much to the amusement of myself and my fellow racers. Lorna(SDS) and Christophe(SDS) were coming up on the drag lift and heard some comment from the crowd of people who thought I was a stunt man for a James Bond film.