Gopro Hero 6 - great action camera, monster price.

posted: 2017-09-29
Gopro Hero 6 - great action camera, monster price. - Courchevel Enquirer
Gopro Hero 6
If you can imagine a Hero 5 on steroids. 1080p 240fps, 4K 60fps, onboard OIS, HDR etc. The Hero 6 is a substantial step up in specs and I don’t dispute the resulting quality.
My biggest problem is the price. Over the years the Hero camera price has been slowly climbing $300 - $400 and now $500 making it the most expensive Hero to date.
For a company that has taken a hit in its stock value over the last years (Back in 2015 the stock price was at its peak of 80 its now nearer 10) the release of the Hero 6 saw the stock price tumble by another 5%.

Action cameras are not mobiles phones. Everyone doesn’t NEED an action camera.
Unless your name is Apple, trying to sell a premium priced product into a market place that is flooded with both good (enough) and cheap products from China is an uphill battle.
Regardless of the Apple comparison Gopro has also been lazy (or greedy) with their exchange rates. In the UK $500 converts to nearer £370. Instead Gopro have applied a 1:1 rate meaning the UK is paying nearer $670. It’s exactly the same for Europe (€570 = $670). There will always be a certain disparity when setting foreign prices but a 30% markup.
In comparison, Chinese company Yi beat Gopro to the punch in releasing a 4K 60fps action camera this year, which contains a great Sony sensor and equally good reviews is currently available on Amazon for €320. I’m sure the Hero 6 has more features but enough to validate a 2x price?

And the rest of the range appears to be unchanged, whether this is due to still having a large stock due to weak sales of the Hero 5. Personally I would have reduced the range from 4 to 3 pieces, reduce the price of the Hero 5 and Session 5 and let the Session 5 replace the base model Session.