It's redbull just not as you know it.

posted: 2012-07-15
It's redbull just not as you know it. - Courchevel Enquirer
Do you know what itís like when a company takes an existing well-established brand and creates a new product by subtly changing the existing one. Sometimes they are successful but most of the time they are short-lived failures. Pepsi Kona or Coca-Cola Blak (Coffee and cola together), Crystal Pepsi, 7 up gold, diet coke with bacon(seriously) are just a few that come to mind. Probably the most well known failure, although some believe it to be a cunning and successful marketing exercise, is NEW coke (later called Coke II), which replaced coke in 1985. After a public outcry (old) Coke cola classic was very successfully re-introduced.
Coming back to the present Red Bull have just released three new flavours, thankfully not messing with the original, a red cranberry, a blue mertyll and a white lemon and lime. As my current drink of choice contains cranberry juice I logically decided to try a red can.
Part of my was hoping that this would have all the benefits and tartness of cranberry juice along with the energy ìgives you wingsî goodness of the ordinary red bull.
Instead I can only describe it as what you would get if you mixed some cranberry flavouring and colouring to the normal sugary sweet red bull recipe changing it just enough to make it noticeable. I canít say I wasnít expecting this outcome, as this is exactly what it could have said on the tin. It just wasnít my cup of tea.
So in the future if I want a hit of red bull itís back to the original can for me.