No text please weíre british

posted: 2007-02-17
What follows is one of the funniest stories I've heard in many seasons.
It all started when Jimbo(Jump) very foolishly left his mobile phone in the bar for a couple of hours. Enough time for the bar girls to change one of the (many) ladies telephone number in the address book to there own. This enabled them to send messages to Jimbo under the alias of this girl. As the evening continued the messages went from slightly saucy to downright pornographic. Culminated in a 'I'm horny, naked and waiting for you in the skidoo hut'. With a speed only rarely seen by 100 meter sprinters Jimbo was outside Kalico. As he parted the plastic flaps his hopes were dashed, no naked women just the entire Jump bar staff in hysterics. This was best summed up in a text from Dan ' RTM hoody 40, Meal in the Genepi 100, the look on Jimbo's faceÖ priceless'.
Jump girls 1 - boys 0
On the current rotor in the Jump Jimbo starts work in the 5pm with Dan finishing at 6pm. As the clock struck 6, before you could even say 'Job done' Dan was at the pump and pouring himself an end of work pint. Unfortunately unbeknownst to him the girls had been changing the bars clock throughout the day adding a few minutes each time. The time was actually 5.30 and Dan's pint was subsequently confiscated by Jimbo. Half and hour may not sound a long time but as Dan was still recovering from the night before I'm sure it was the longest 30 minutes he's had to endure.
Jump girls 2 - boys 0.
I have a feeling that this score will not stay the same and that the Jump girls should watch out.