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Issue 80

The Russia house

Following the ever growing influx of Russians to Courchevel. The Russian Federation has proposed opening a consulate in 1850 making it only the third such embassy in France (Paris and Marseille). This is hoped to solved many of the cultural and language problems which hamper many of the visitors. Several large chalets have been short listed including the redevelopement of the old ISBA hotel. As with all embassies and consulates the land under the building will officially be part of the Russian federation. To strengthen the links between these two companies Courchevel is also twinning itself with Sochi, the sight of the next winter olympics.

3 Valley seasonnaire pass

Until recently and probably due to the inability of the three lift companies that service the 3 valleys to reach an agreement, workers have only been able to get a season ski pass for their respective valleys. As of next year this will change. Instead of 1069€ the 3 valley pass will cost 650€ for workers.

Eira plancs

Following in the footsteps of fork tree skis, Tom and Aaron are to start Eira planc (welsh for snow board) this summer. Offering a very limited number of truley custom snowboards. With unique topsheets and custom size and flex etc. Website coming soon to.

Folie Douce coming to Courchevel

Following two very successful après ski bars in Val d’Isere and Val Thorens. The Folie Douce name is expanding to Meribel and Courchevel giving them a FD franchise in every valley of the three valleys. The Meribel FD will be built on the existing location of the restaurant le Choucas. The Courchevel FD, wanting to be the highest of them all will be built on the location of the restaurant Soucoup at the top of the Chenus.


A francise of Starbucks coffee is reportadly coming to Courchevel taking over the old snowlimit shop that is currently being used to advertise the Zinc de Neige offering a virtual ski in-ski out service.

The editor

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