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posted: 2016-09-16
Before we start I have to say I’m a fan of the original Fiat Panda 4x4s. They are just so basic, from the design, which must have taken someone 5 minutes with a ruler, to their legendary ruggedness. This is backed up by the French Gendarmes in the alps who swore by them for a decade. Of the 5 million cars (est) originally build they are becoming increasingly rarer thanks

posted: 2016-03-11
In this age of electronic mail its all about getting your message out and making it stand out from the 100’s of other emails that flood into your mailbox on a daily basis.

I will show you two examples. I from a ski resort with a (presumed) marketing budget of mammoth proportions and another from a small physiotherapist company, who have about as much IT knowledge as Ba

posted: 2016-02-29
Currently my main job, when it comes to time spent, is phone repair, which thankfully, requires very little customer face to face interaction. They give me a smashed iPhone and I give them back a shiny new one 1 hour later. Everyone’s happy. That is until you meet a customer whose needle on the arsehole meter is firmly in the red.
Lets, for sake of purposes, call him Cl

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