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posted: 2016-03-11
In this age of electronic mail its all about getting your message out and making it stand out from the 100’s of other emails that flood into your mailbox on a daily basis.

I will show you two examples. I from a ski resort with a (presumed) marketing budget of mammoth proportions and another from a small physiotherapist company, who have about as much IT knowledge as Ba

posted: 2016-02-29
Currently my main job, when it comes to time spent, is phone repair, which thankfully, requires very little customer face to face interaction. They give me a smashed iPhone and I give them back a shiny new one 1 hour later. Everyone’s happy. That is until you meet a customer whose needle on the arsehole meter is firmly in the red.
Lets, for sake of purposes, call him Cl

posted: 2016-01-07
I’m sure of all the jobs in the world working for various postal services is one of the most demanding and hardest. The unofficial slogan of the USPS is either “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds” or “Don’t piss me off and I won’t starting shooting random people with my high power

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