2010-11 seasonnaire hoodies/t-shirts for sale

posted: 2011-06-19
As usual we alway have a few t-shirts/ hoodies left over. So if you see anything on the list let me know. I'll even post it for free.
1850 Print
Purple t-shirt medium (blue print)
Green t-shirt XL (blue print)
Green long sleeve t-shirt XXL (yellow print)
Grey hoody XL (yellow print)
1650/1550 print
Green long sleeve t-shirt medium (blue print)
Yellow t-shirt large (blue print)
Red Hoody medium (blue print)
Hi-vis yellow Hoody medium (blue print)
Hi-vis yellow Hoody large (blue print)
all t-shirts 20euros / £17
all hoodies 35euros / £30