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posted: 2020-09-27
I just got back from the 31st edition of the Coupe des Alpes as it crossed the Col de L’Iseran above the ski resort of Val d’Isere. Seeing, listening and smelling these new and vintage cars is an assault on the senses. The wiff of unburnt petrol, the smell of a hot clutch, the classic sound of a Porsche boxer engine and the inevitable drops of motor oil from a leaky sump

posted: 2019-07-25
During a recent fireworks display in front of the ski jump in Le Praz several areas of grass were set on fire by stray pyrotechnic sparks. Because of the record high temperature and the very dry conditions. On several occasions the fireworks display was interrupted while the local pompiers brought the grass fires under control before any major damage could occur.

posted: 2019-06-05
So if you follow mobile technology you will have probably heard of bendgate the Iphone 6s contribution to the long list of “gates”. Basically a design defect caused the phone to bend when put under extreme but pressure. Famously demonstrated by Lewis from Unbox Therapy as his fingers turned white as he applied the pressure required to fail the metal.

Anyway fast forwa

posted: 2019-05-18
If you saw an Apple authorized reseller store you might be mistaken for thinking it’s an Apple store. It looks like an (small) apple store, has the layout of an apple store, only sells apple products but unlike an apple store it’s an empty shell. Let me explain.

I recently had an experience at an Apple authorized reseller that made me compare it to my experience I’ve

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