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posted: 2022-05-30
I never like to see technology be thrown away. If it broken it can repaired. If its old then the parts can be updated.
The Apple iPod Classic is an iconic piece of technology. Before Apple started making phones the iPod was their cash cow. They weren’t the first to make one but their design was better than most of their competition. In 2001 when the first iPod arrive

posted: 2022-05-05
In May 2022 Miami will host the formula 1 circus. The track is completely new and has not been the favourite of critics. Amongst the complaints are the lack of overtaking positions. It has also been noted that the track wishes it was Monaco or Yas Marina both of which are situated on the waterfront where wealthy spectators can watch the race in luxury. As the Miami track i

posted: 2021-07-10
I’m going to come out first and say it. I DON’T LIKE THE COVID FORMAT for the Red Bull 400. But I understand that it’s a necessary evil to host the event. Cutting the groups from 15 down to 6 and reducing the interval between each group from 13 minutes to 1.30 is not the worst. Converting the semi finals and finals into an individual time trail, on the othe

posted: 2021-06-14
I just got back from the 32nd edition of the Coupe des Alpes as it crossed the Col de la Madeleine above the ski resort of Val d’Isere. Driving up the twisty, and sometimes very narrow, road the peaks still had a smattering of snow and the weather was absolutely perfect for vintage open top sports cars.

I don't think I've seen so many Austin Healeys in one place. 1

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