27" iMac Bendgate

posted: 2019-06-05
So if you follow mobile technology you will have probably heard of bendgate the Iphone 6s contribution to the long list of “gates”. Basically a design defect caused the phone to bend when put under extreme but pressure. Famously demonstrated by Lewis from Unbox Therapy as his fingers turned white as he applied the pressure required to fail the metal.

Anyway fast forward to 2019 when I think I’ve come across my own bendgate machine. A client gave me he 2012 27” iMac to replace the hard drive. Before removing the screen I noticed that the screen had become unglued near the top of each side. On closer inspection the profile of the solid curved aluminum back had been deformed. But by what? This is no iPhone that bends under pressure from your muscular buttocks, this is a full size AIO with a rigid metal chassis. Anything that could bend the back would also most likely break the front of the screen too. Its lucky that he adhesive strips that hold the screen in place are not impossibly strong and failed before anything else did.

It turns out that the client travels a lot with the machine, no mean feat, and although encased in a massive padded carrying case that might be where the damage was done.