One of the biggest Myths of Courchevel

posted: 2016-10-08
One of the biggest Myths of Courchevel - Courchevel Enquirer
and totally not the altiport in Courchevel
One of the set pieces of Courchevel 1850 is the highest tarmacked runway at 2010m. Where the world's rich and infamous fly into for their winter fun.
It also has, as the location of the arms bazaar at the start of Tomorrow never dies, one of the biggest misconceptions in Bond history. Where Pierce Brosnan kills all those nasty terrorists and flys off in a stolen jet laden with nuclear torpedoes like a boss. Looking past the fact that landing and taking off such a jet be quite difficult on such a short runway but If people would just wait until the end credits they would see it was shot on location in Peyresourde, in the central French Pyrenees.
So please the next time you hear someone spreading this falsehood you have my permission to slap him or her with slimy halibut. (not really)