3 Valley Rally report

posted: 2011-04-02
3 Valley Rally report - Courchevel Enquirer
Although, throughout the winter, there are many activities for the seasonnaires itís the 3 valley rally that really brings out the competitive side of people. This of course has nothing to do with the intense rivalries between companies or even the creation of a new trophy bearing the name of the previous 4 years winner, Jennifer Clare.
This year it was the turn of several ìslightly matureî female team captains. Resort manager Sara from Scott Dunn and Ski Physio owner Sian. Both of who would play the ìmotherî card and who had clashed on the ballon ballai rink earlier this season.
From the start luck favoured Scott Dunnís Caspers after I gave the large inflatable banana ìhandicapî to the wrong SD team meaning that from the start they had a good 10-minute head start over the other favourites.
Checkpoint 1
It has often been said that giving checkpoint judges a free reign over their checkpoint is a fine line between a stroke of genius or absolute madness. In the case of the Funky Fox team who were stationed at Roc Merlet in 1650 it was absolute genius. With the help of the extra judge ìSteveî who dispensed two very different liquids, a clear ejaculation from above and a brownish excretion from below. I think you get the idea.
Checkpoint 2
In an attempt to send the teams via Mont Valon they had to produce a photo at the top of the lift. The use the exact wording ìTop of Mont Vallon lift must be visible (and identifiable) behind teamî. The ingenious and wily physios, with the help of a graphic designer in London created the masterpiece on the front page. Unfortunately as it doesnít show the ìtop of the liftî they were penalised after the race. In the words of Scooby doo ìthey might have got away with it if it hadnít been for the medalling judgesî.
When they got to Val Thornens they were subjected to some peri peri chilli tequila and a task of sexual positions. The best of which was performed by the Scott Dunn Fluro babes with their banana.
Checkpoint 3
Despite writing the wrong height on the clue most teams managed to locate the checkpoint at the top of Roc de Tougne. There they got to taste my special Vin Froid concoction before rolling through a powder field and having their photo taken with Alexís (Physio) snow sculpture of Bangers. Despite almost being destroyed by G it was rebuilt in time for itís creators muse to arrive. It was the Powder shite team that demonstrated the best aptitude for rolling downhill.
Checkpoint 4
The final checkpoint at the top of Saulier had the teams remove their tops, spin around a ski pole and be subjected to a hail of snow balls while drinking a mixture of Chartreuse, Manzana and the remainder of Steveís baileys ìpooî. This resulted in some classic comedy falls, the best of which was from Kalumaís Business time. Anyone passing holidaymakers getting off the cable car must have wondered what the hell had been going on.
From checkpoint 4 to the finish the only obstacle was finding an ESF instructor to pose for a photo, which was no problem for any of the teams.