An Awkward situation

posted: 2011-02-27
Life is full of awkward situations. The unwanted erection at the swimming pool, the inappropriate ìlets just be friendsî line, asking an obese woman in a doctors waiting room when she is due, Find out your parents are getting divorced on Facebook. You get the general gist but then it wouldnít be life without them. I was recently told of a situation in resort which involved an interesting mÈnage a trois.
A driver who weíll call ìGî. A hot nanny called ìIî and a chalet host ìAî. Now ìGî and ìIî had been going out for the best part of 6 years until last year when they split up. So ìGî had been in resort and has ended up shagging ìAî which is fine. Until that is ìIî turns up in resort for two weeks of half-term childcare and ends up working in the same chalet as ìAî. A for awkward! Ideally all we need now if for the silver tongued ìGî to convince ìIî and ìAî into having a threesome. Boom!! awkward situation solved.