Oops I did it again

posted: 2020-03-02
Oops I did it again - Courchevel Enquirer
So to recap.

1997 I broke the ball joint on my humors bone at the top of Mont Vallon.

In 2008 while competing in a dual slalom at the Stade in Meribel I fell, got stuck in some netting, and broke my fibular.

In 2019 I broke my ankle in a rose involved accident.

Which bring us to 2020 and the latest ski accident. While taking advantage of some amazing powder I fell badly leaving me in shock in a pile of snow. My right knee was not "right".
Now a normal person might have called for a blood wagon, however being a stiff upper lipped Englishman I managed to get my ski back on and skied (slowly) back to the Croisette down a blue slope.

By the time i was being x-rayed in the medical centre my knee was the size of a grapefruit.

Unfortunately one of my ligaments had pulled a plug of bone off my tibia and I needed surgery again and another trip down to Albertville hospital. After a 4 hour wait in A&E and a further day delay in the ward. I went under the knife again. I would like to point out that the entire surgical team were awesome and I never felt like I wasn’t in capable and friendly hands.

The following day I was informed I had 7 screws and a plate in my leg and a summer of rehabilitation.

As of writing this the world is in lockdown and I'm stuck on my sofa with a leg full of metal and stitches.