A note from the editor 12

posted: 2007-02-24
With only eight weeks to go before the end of the season it gets to the point when seasonnaires start to get restless.
Tempers start to get frayed. A mouthful of beer spat in the face can easily be misconstrued, so can a golden shower from a demi glass. Running around the bars psychopathically brandishing a 2x4 shouting 'I'm going to kill him' is easily misunderstood.
Still if you are the only handyman servicing two large ski resorts you can do almost anything without being fired.
Of all the theme nights in the season there is something about superheroes night that brings out the imagination of the seasonnaires.
With the simple application of a pair of pants over your trousers and a curtain for a robe or a liberal covering of body paint and the wearer is transformed into an invincible drinking machine. It's only the day after when the alcohol kryptonite wears off and they meet their arch nemesis Dr Hangover and his sidekick 'what the fuck happened to me in Kalicos' man.