Beware the Ferrari tax

posted: 2014-05-12
Beware the Ferrari tax - Courchevel Enquirer
If you ask most people about luxury brands like Apple or Oakley they will say you are paying more for the name like a “tax”.
In this case when Ferrari co-ordinates a range of special Oakleys you end up paying a double tax! (if you buy from Ferrari instead of Oakley).
In these days of the internet you would think that companies should check what the product there are about to overprice is available from the original manufacturer.
Oakley has created a range of sunglasses with Ferrari branding. I have no problem with this. Their top of the range carbonfibre glasses sell for £335 on Oakleys own website. Ferrari has also decided to sell the same pair for £399 or nearly 20% more expensive.
Its not just this pair but the entire range has a special Ferrari tax added to the original Oakley price.
So if you really need a pair then buy them from the Oakley website.

Update: Ferrari have now dropped their prices to be inline with Oakleys RRP.