The 20 most annoying types you might meet in a cable car

posted: 2013-12-07
The 20 most annoying types you might meet in a cable car - Courchevel Enquirer
To celebrate the opening of the resort here are the 20 most annoying types you might meet on the Saulier cable car.

  1. People who try to get on BEFORE the doors are fully open.
You queue-barge too, don't you? You make me sick.
  2. Passive-aggressive-mumblings guy
. We get it, they pushed past you. Someone call the cops.
  3. Russian Tourists
 Just... Russian tourists.
  4. People who want the entire cabin to hear their conversation. 
It's totes amazeballs how annoying your conversation is.
  5. Person with their skis/board in the door 
For some reason, the cable car won't leave if the door is open. Weird, right?
  6. Someone who forgot deodorant - for the last week. 
We get it, your "French", your in my personal space but i would like to breath.
  7. The couple making-out 
Please save it for the Paris Metro.
  8. The one that thinks they can fit when the carriage is already full 
A) You're annoying, and B) you clearly don't realize how fat you truly are.
  9. Exhausted family with way-out-of-control kids
 Our sympathy terminated as soon as the door closed.
  10. The guy whose Beets headphones could double as speakers for the whole cable car If you were aware that everyone else can hear you, you probably wouldn't be listening to Linkin Park.
  11. They who refuse to move down the cable car 
We all know you're trying to preserve your personal space, but that doesn't make you any less of a douche.
  12. Everyone going to apres at the folle Douce 
Stop being so fucking excited. It's exhausting.
  13. Everyone coming back from the folle Douce
 How do you still have that much fucking energy? Also, please stop singing in such a small space.
  14. Those who constantly get stuck in ski pass turnstile
 You still haven't learnt to put your pass on the left side of your suit
  15. Person pressing arse against anything 
Unless you're Pippa Middleton, NEVER DO THIS.
  16. Lack of personal space guy
 You might not smell but if i wanted to get this close to you I would have taken you out for a drink.
  17. Lack of personal space girl 
I’m this close to a sexual harassment charge
  18. People using their actual phone speaker to play music
  19. Person who grabs the rail when you're grabbing the rail and touches your hand
 Oh god, now you're making eye-contact, too?
  20. In fact, literally anyone who makes eye-contact with you
 This ride just. Got. Awkward.