Bring on the pain

posted: 2014-08-09
Bring on the pain - Courchevel Enquirer
Nice bread and nice service
Now before I start I should point out that I’m no foodie, I come from a country where the (highly processed) tasteless white sliced loaf is what we pitifully describe as “bread”. So no expert at all. But even I can take the bakers equivalent of the pepsi challenge.

As I’ve said before, ski resorts (generally) are more monopolistic than larger towns. Whether it be the original families that own most of the land and subsequently the freeholds on the buildings or the lack of competition around town if it be bars or bakeries.

For the latter I have been going to the same boulangerie for over the past decade. Haven’t really given it much thought, after all its only bread, brought my baguette and that’s about it. So you end up thinking that the bread is ok (its only bread after all) but there isn’t really any alternative as the same bakery is in every level of your resort.

That was until a few years ago when the Chabichou hotel built a huge extension, which included a new spa and brassiere, called the Chabotte and unbeknownst to be me they also bake their own bread, REALLY NICE BREAD! Not only that but they are (for the French) strangely pleased to see you, they all greet you with a smile and a hello. For all these reasons they now get my bread business and if you get your bread in 1850 I would highly recommend that you try them too.

I must point out that this is in no way a paid advert for the Chabotte.