Oh Orange why do you make it so difficult?

posted: 2013-11-21
Oh Orange why do you make it so difficult? - Courchevel Enquirer
Bye-bye Orange, Hello SFR
Let me start by saying I hate French mobile phone companies and their pay as you go plans. Seriously considering we are only seperated by a small stretch of water we are worlds apart. I would so as far to say compared to the UK they are almost 3rd world.

So after many years of losing left over credit and telephone numbers due to inactivity over the summer I’ve finally decided to switch from PAYG and get a sans engagement contract plan. As I already have an unlocked Iphone 4S this should give me all the benefit of PAYG but cheaper and include a data plan.

So, being a loyal Orange customer, I went on to the SOSH website, which is Orange in a different guise, and input all my details and said I wanted to keep my phone number etc. Only to be told as I’m already an Orange customer I have to go through the Orange client section on the orange website which I duly did. After many clicks a 3 page pdf document finally appeared, which told me I had to PRINT THIS OFF, FILL THIS OUT AND POST IT TO ORANGE……

Seriously!!! It’s the 21st century and I can’t fill out a form online.

Not only that but it told me I needed to supply, among many other things, a cancelled cheque for 0 euros. What is it with the French and their cheques?
Apart from inventing the spelling of the word in the 19th century, as opposed to the American version “check”. Every queue at the supermarket is longer because EVERYONE in France still pays by cheque and the cashier has to write all the details on their carte d’identity on the back.

Listen, I’m not saying the English are perfect but, across the channel the only people who still write cheques are businesses. Most supermarkets won’t accept them and we got rid of them in most areas of our lives. It’s either cash or credit/ debit card. Actually this is true for the follow euro countries: Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Scandinavia.

So if this is the way Orange treats existing customers I for one will no longer be an Orange customer.
So its good riddance to Orange and bonjour to SFR. I went onto the SFR website, to the RED section (their equivalent to SOSH) and in 5 minutes had filled in all the details to give them my money every month.

Sorry Orange you lost a customer all because you love le tape rouge and couldn’t make it easy.