Red Bull 400 Courchevel 2021

posted: 2021-07-10
Red Bull 400 Courchevel 2021 - Courchevel Enquirer
Red Bull 400 2021 edition
I’m going to come out first and say it. I DON’T LIKE THE COVID FORMAT for the Red Bull 400. But I understand that it’s a necessary evil to host the event. Cutting the groups from 15 down to 6 and reducing the interval between each group from 13 minutes to 1.30 is not the worst. Converting the semi finals and finals into an individual time trail, on the other hand, makes it very difficult to see who’s winning. It’s not who crosses the line first. There is no head to head battles as in years past. I hope as COVID changes so the rules go back to how they were.

With all that said, Red Bull and Courchevel made the most of the magnificent weather to put on a spectacle on the Olympic ski jump in Le Praz. Not only did we have returning champion Thibaut BARONIAN we also got to see freestyle skiers, Kevin Roland and Lou Barin running up the hill in the relay event.

As the sun retreated behind a late storm two new champions were crowned Thibault ANSELMET set a new record of 3:20 in the mens category and Emily HARROP with a time of 4:29.