Winter is Coming.. PANIC!!

posted: 2016-10-11
Winter is Coming.. PANIC!! - Courchevel Enquirer
September is over. Summer has definitely finished and the temperatures are starting to hit sub-zero. It’s even trying to snow! What a perfect time to start your exterior building projects. Seriously?

No joking! Since September Courchevel has come alive with more skips and heavy equipment than I’ve seen all summer and they are all working feverishly like people with a strict 2 month deadline. The L’aventure restaurant’s terrace now has a roof, walls and windows which probably makes it an extension instead of a terrace. The “shop next to Bulgari” which is so named because its changed brand almost every year I can remember is being gutted. Mark Warner’s Dahu hotel, which has been sitting empty since May, is only now being “refurbished” but will never be ready for this winter. And that’s just naming a few…

I shouldn’t be that surprised because this sort of thing happens every year and the fact it happens every years means that no one really cares. Back in 2000 I remember watching from my balcony, a few days before their grand opening, a hotel franticly unload lorry after lorry full of mattresses and tvs.

Now I know this sounds silly, and maybe I feel like I’m taking crazy pills, but maybe if all of France didn’t down tools and take a two month holiday from July/August then there wouldn’t be this annual panic.