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Issue 76

Last year, after a major fire in the hotel above the Boulotte and the Bubble both were closed due to water damage etc. Where the Bubble reopened at the start of 11-12 the Boulotte didn’t. The good news is that after a lengthy court battle Katie has finally reopened giving 1650 another place to get hammered while getting naked listening to Bring your sisters and as it’s just next to the Bubble it’s not far for a naked Byron to walk.

Those of you who are regular vistors to the Refuge in 1850 will have noticed an absence of their regular barmen. Jimbo and Jeremy are no longer working behind the bar. Jimbo can now been found down in the Boulotte for the remainder of the season. Finally please be aware that page 3 contains some very adult themes and caution should be taken before reading.

The editor

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