A note from the editor 11

posted: 2007-02-17
Valentines Day means many things to many people. To the hopeless romantics it's a chance to show their affection to that special someone in their life. To most people in resort it's just another attempt to get filthily drunk and try and get off with someone in Kalico.To a few it's a day when you can say 'I love you, now take off your shoes and let me get my tongue around your toes'.
Such shocking activities were brought to light from one of Skihigher's boot fitters.
After spending a whole weekend squeezing peoples feet into ski boots.
'Does that pinch madam?' 'Suits you sir' 'Can you move your heel?' 'Are your toes moist?' 'Let me tighten those buckles for you' it seems inevitable that such work should spill out into his free time.