A note from the editor 10

posted: 2007-02-10
Here's a 'them and us' situation to think about. In the 'us' camp every week most chalet girls go down to Hyper Champion in Moutiers to do your big food shop and as they push their two trolleys laden through the checkout and check their budget envelope to make sure they haven't overspent and if they're lucky they have a few spare 20euro note left over.
In the real world ìthemî, the US, are coming to terms with a slight misplacement of funds in Iraq. After the war finished they shipped 362 tonnes of cash, mostly 400k bricks of 100 dollar bills to help kick start the economy. That's about 12 billion dollars which they can't account for. To put that in perspective you would need several forklift trucks to move that amount of cash. When questioned about this loss their only answer to blame it on 'bad bookkeeping'. Guess they didn't keep all their receipts.