End of Season ball shenanigans

posted: 2011-04-09
End of Season ball shenanigans - Courchevel Enquirer
I guess itís a mixture of the hot sunny days, the melting snow, the dressing up, the alcohol, the impending departure of your co-workers but the eos ball is always a hotbed of, what can only be described as, the panic shag.
Clement(Funky fox) was the focus of many thanks to his excursion downstairs. To the credit of the young lady her lipstick was in remarkably good condition considering what it had been ìkissingî.
Without over doing the self publicity and keeping a modicum of modesty, the following morning I woke up next to a beautiful young lady which proves there is a higher power at work in the universe. The only problem was surviving the following day with only a couple of hours of sleep. (That's because she snored....what did you think I meant?)