How to make Genepi

posted: 2016-10-22
How to make Genepi - Courchevel Enquirer
The original instructions that come with the genepi flowers require 90% alcohol, which is a problem in many countries. In France in the past you used to be able to get high proof alcohol from the local pharmacy. However no longer. The only nearby country where this is easily available (in supermarkets) is Italy, thanks probably to their love of making the lemon liqueur limoncello.

Instead we have to use, what is known as, the 40/40/40 version.

  • 1 litre of 40% alcohol.
  • 1 sachet of (40) dried genepi flowers.
  • 40 grams of sugar.
  • 40 days for everything to mix. In a cool place.

After 40 days pass the liquid through a (unflavored) coffee filter

After talking to people about making Genepi I’ve found that

  • It’s a very contentious subject.
  • Everyone’s neighbors make (and gives them) Genepi.
  • Everyone has their own recipe.
  • Many people prefer a less sweet version.

For 40% alcohol I chose some Alcohol de fruit from the supermarket. After talking to some other people I also tried a second batch with some Marc de Savoie.

Paul Arpin, who is the local grower/distributor of genepi flowers represented France in the 1988 Olympics in the 10,000 meters (finishing 7th).

If you want to have a go making your own genepi you can buy the flowers online here.