Mark Warner's love dungeon

posted: 2007-02-17
James(Mark Warner) of St Tropez fake tan fame is back in the news after some midnight bed hopping shenanigans.
It all concerns Dave's room which is better known as the love dungeon. Rather ironically, because it hasn't seen any loving from Dave. In a scene that wouldn't be out of place on the CSI porno version of 3 bears. 'And the third mattress was just right' and then daddy bear said 'Who's been humping on my bed?' 'How can you tell?' asked mummy bear 'when I use this black light, my duvet glows in the dark like a piece of radioactive waste'. Baby bear asked 'Gee Grissom how does that work?' 'Well Timmy black lights emits electromagnetic radiation in the soft near ultraviolet range and can identify semen and other bodily fluids that naturally fluoresce.' 'Wow that was highly informative but can we get back to the sex please?' So instead of having to endure the usual post coital damp patch on his own crib James gave Nanny Laura a good seeing to on Dave's virgin double bed. Their little rouse was thwarted when Sheryl caught them in the act.
Presumable James, the gentleman that he is, finished his business and vacated the room before Dave's return.