Miami F1 fake water vs Courchevel fake water

posted: 2022-05-05
Miami F1 fake water vs Courchevel fake water - Courchevel Enquirer
Miami vs Courchevel
In May 2022 Miami will host the formula 1 circus. The track is completely new and has not been the favourite of critics. Amongst the complaints are the lack of overtaking positions. It has also been noted that the track wishes it was Monaco or Yas Marina both of which are situated on the waterfront where wealthy spectators can watch the race in luxury. As the Miami track is landlocked a fake marina has been built with boats surrounded by a blue covered wooden frame, giving a dry illusion.

Back in 2007 Courchevel did something very similar when it hosted a yacht exhibition. The boat was first trailered up into resort causing a minor traffic jam as it threaded its way up the twisty mountain roads, reversed into position and unhitched from the lorry. The trailer was covered in wave shaped snow and a jetty was built on the side of the boat. An awful lot of effort for trying to sell boats in a ski resort especially as a few weeks later it was removed from resort causing an encore traffic jam.