Redbull 400 Courchevel 2017

posted: 2017-06-10
Redbull 400 Courchevel 2017 - Courchevel Enquirer
Courchevel just finished hosting their first Redbull 400 at the ski jump in Le Praz.

On a swelteringly hot day nearly 400 people raced up the crazily steep landing of the Olympic ski jump.

The 400m course is broken down into 4 sections. The start, which is a 100m run to the base of the hill. The K point, at 36 degrees, the steepest part of the hill which takes the competitor up to the transition from the landing to the ski jump and finally the 100m “sprint” accent up the ski jump. In total from start to finish the vertical assent is 140m.

In the end Baronian Thibault completed the course in a blistering 03:27.41 taking almost 20 seconds of the time he set in the heats.

In the women’s category Mollaret Axelle finished in 04:35.08.