Going full Olsson

posted: 2016-11-29
Going full Olsson - Courchevel Enquirer
It's not quite a lambo.
As a way to emphasis my 150 days of winter project I decided to wrap my RAV4 in a snow camo wrap as an homage (piss take) to Jon Olsson who drives around Monaco in his camo wrapped ski box carrying Lamborghini.
A normal person would pay a company to do this. Not me. A) I don’t have the budget. B) I'm very hands on.
So I brought some Avery Dennison vinyl and undertook an exhaustive education watching the wrap institute on YouTube.
After a day stripping and cleaning the car I spent 2 days from 7am to 7pm mainlining redbull and water the car was in a state that its “finished”. Is it perfect, no. certain parts have more wrinkles than an aging seasonnaire.
More branding will be added later.
We will see if it lasts the winter….
Enjoy the video below.