Support your local ski shop

posted: 2014-10-12
Support your local ski shop - Courchevel Enquirer
image courtesy of Whitestorm
When you book a ski holiday with a tour operator it’s all too easy to tick the box to include their ski hire prices. There is nothing inherently wrong with that but when people spend ages looking for the best price for a holiday they don’t realize that they could get a much better deal when renting their boot and skis.
In the age of the internet, where you can find deals on everything from electricity to mobile phones, its not difficult to find good local ski shops that not only give you a better price than the tour operator, but also provide major benefits like online booking, mobile delivery, and depending on the size of the resort, are probably the same shop that is used by the tour operators. So everyone, that matters, wins.

Here is a short list of independent ski rental services. (to be impartial there are other ski rental services available)

Courchevel –