The Russians are coming after paying for it by the hour

posted: 2007-01-13
According to a uk paper today Courchevel 1850 is now synonymous with champagne and vodka fuelled parties, illicit sex and designer shopping and the blame for all this decadence lays firmly on the shoulders of the many Russian visitors that, since the collapse of the Soviet Union, arrive to celebrate the orthadox new year.
Evidence of this can easily been seen on the high street. At the moment there's more fur wandering around town than 70's porn stars bikini line.
This has culminated in a reported raid by a dozen armed French police of the £5000 a night Byblos hotel suite belonging to Mikhail Prokhorov, CEO of mining giant Norilsk Nickel and the worlds 89th richest man.
Apparently he is suspected of running a prostitution ring out of Les Caves night club where Russians apparently drink £2000 jeroboams of Cristal Champagne and eat £500 sidedishes of caviar. He or course protests his innocence and instead refers to these women as students and models and not women of negotiable affections.
If it has taken this long for the French police to work out that some of the female visitors to Les caves are earning their livings lying on their back servicing Russian business mens nocturnal habits then they are being naÔve.
From my first season it has been well known that such actions go on itís just that with so many drunk chalet girls theres no need for seasonnaires budgets to stretch to hookers.
Anyone going for a late night snack at the vache will take their life in their hands when crossing the road without being run over by one of the many blacked out Hummers as they ferry anonymous business men to and from Les Caves.