The fastest VW polo in Courchevel

posted: 2017-08-22
The fastest VW polo in Courchevel - Courchevel Enquirer
Maybe not the highest bar to pass but as Courchevel is the winter home of the supercar. Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Rolls Royces you name it. I’ve seen so many that it takes some serious automotive quirkiness to blow up my skirt (metaphorically).
So it was a shock when I came across a race prepared VW polo parked opposite the post office. FYI I have a slight connection with VW polos as it was a 300euro interim car for a couple of years after my BMW exploded. Ok it didn’t really explode but after the water pump failed the engine overheated and had to be sold to pay for the repairs. (and the kitchen in my new apartment). Anyway if I was to describe my gen 2 VW polo it would have be a bare bones car. Basically an engine in a car body. No fancy electronics, very little sound deadening.
So back to this race prepared VW polo. blacked out, rollcage in the back, Sabelt seats, four point harnesses, a supercharged G40 engine and according to Cedrick, the owner, a kerb weight of around 800kg with or course a Nurburgring badge of honor to prove it had actually been driven properly instead of just down to the local carefour.