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Issue 76

With the common misconception that Courchevel is so soley riddled with Russians that it resembles downtown Moscow it also hosts a large number of other nationalities. With the exception of those well behaved quiet English, the forward thinkers are already looking for the next big thing. If the Russian bubble bursts who will take their place. What will replace the fleets of black out hummers? Will it be a fleet of Maybacs full of the Arab Sheiks? The Chinese Mandrins riding in the back of stretched Mercs? Or judging by current reports from around the hotels in resort it could well be the Brazilians. Typically more demanding than their Russian counterparts these impatient South Americans have been flashing their cash (and expecting immediate service) in a variety of hotels and private chalets. Not only that but there has been a run on waxing products at the local pharmacy.

The editor

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