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Issue 77

There is nothing worse than someone who spends the entire season reading and laughing about other peoples amorous activities (for want of a better word) to suddenly come over all innocent and violated when it’s their turn to get a mention. Their excuse, that writing about their boyfriend cheating on them shouldn’t make it into print, despite the fact that most of the resort already knows about it. It should be clear that alot of drinking and shagging, usually one resulting in the other, goes on up here and not always with the designated partners. In this case O got off with N (after apparently receiving some light relief earlier in a bubble) and then barely before he had put his boxers back on he was back out drinking with C before he later took her home. That boy must have a serious set of balls.
Finally, and on a lighter note, DJ Yoda will be playing in the Milk bar on Wednesday. Tickets are now 20€ and will be more expensive on the night.

The editor

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