Bad Taste night

posted: 2007-01-27
Like a bomb in a fluorescent fabric warehouse Tuesday night saw an explosion of Bad Taste around the bars in 1850. As you can see from the photos no subject was left off limits. The ton of hairspray used only mildly affected the Ozone layer as the 'big hair girls' got ready. The transformation from 'work' Líequipe Laura to her alter ego 'hot pant gaiter wearing back combed' Laura was amazing.
The Supertravel Fame girls were out in force lunging their way from bar to bar.(oh if only i was 10 years younger!)
Then we had the selection of white supremacists ranging from KKK Ollie who spent most of the evening having, what the americans call, a wardrobe malfunction with his white cone and robe. Adolf Baz led his black shirts around resort much to consternation of French drinkers in Kalico. He is currently writing his first novel 'Mein Boozy'.
Skiworld outdid themselves with everything from a crucified Christ (who had to take off his cross before going on the dance floor) to a Saddam Hussein complete with hangman's noose. A couple of gollywogs, a moomoo clad flavour Flav, a tube of marmite, and a man impaled on a ski pole shows the amount of effort taken. Even their resort manager Paul found a great ski suit from the 80ís, no doubt it will re-appear for the three valley rally later in the season.