A note from the editor 8

posted: 2007-01-27
Forget all this climate change global warming nonsense. It might have taken a while but the winter is finally here. The needle of the thermometer has plummeted from a rather summery +10 to a more Baltic -15. The latest dump of snow arrived just in time to stop the Saulier from looking a little bare. The icy conditions resulting in a steady stream of ambulances ferrying the injured from the doctors down to Moutiers general.
But it's not the improved skiing conditions that are immediately noticeable as the sound of the ambulance sirens are now interrupted by the sound of the high revving Parisian Renault engine as he, in lieu of snow tires or chains, attempts to make his way up the snow covered roads.
Watching the ritual early hours push start is reminiscent of the turning on the winter Olympics and probably why the French have such a good bobsled team.(I know they donít but they should) Forget the usual training bobs, the coach just drives his team the to a ski resort with a pair of bald tires and the rest is easy to imagine.
The only difference is that they have to leave the hatchback open so the pushers can jump in after sufficient speed is gained.
Even more amusing is watching the big 4x4s struggle for grip as, for all their torque sensing locking differentials and electric descent controls, their low profile high speed tyres are no match for a few centimetres of snow and ice.
Finally Sunday night 9pm sees the start of what could be the last series of Top Gear on BBC2. If the trailers are anything to go by it looks like Jezza, Hamster and May are up to their usual tricks.