A warning to all PC laptop owners

posted: 2017-11-23
A warning to all PC laptop owners - Courchevel Enquirer
This is a message that goes out to everyone who owns or has just brought a PC laptop. If you brought a Macbook you don’t have to worry.

When you first open up Windows, whether it is 7,8 or 10 you will get a flood of notifications. Do you want to install this, to you want to activate that and so on.

Most people will ignore these or click the "later" option.

One of these notification will say something like Do you want to create some recovery media? And 99.9% of people will go “I don’t care”. However if you don’t you are making a costly mistake. Let me explain.

The PC laptop market isn’t a very profitable one and to remain competitive PC manufactures have found ways to save a few bucks. One of them is to load your laptop with crapware. Software with 30-60 day trial periods. Most of which you don’t need and can find better versions online. However after using it for a month it then asks you to pay a subscription and as most people are too lazy and they have gotten used to the software they agree. The PC manuafacture then gets a kickback….

The second way is to no longer supply your computer with a software and driver CD “A recovery disk”. Instead this is stored on a special partition on your hard drive, which if you want to restore your laptop back to factory settings you can boot the laptop into this special partition and reinstall everything. HOWEVER if your hard drive suffers a “calamitous” event, usually evolving gravity everything on it, including the installation partition, is lost. And after you have purchased a new hard drive, how are you going to reinstall Windows, the drivers etc. In most cases you have to order a set of recover media from the manufacture 2xDVDs or a USB key at around 50 euros.

So if you want to save yourself 50 euros. Buy a couple of dvds or even better a 8gb USB key and create the recovery media when your computer asks you.