Upgrading my Iphone cable game

posted: 2017-10-27
Upgrading my Iphone cable game - Courchevel Enquirer
If you have an Iphone that is more than a year old it is very likely your lightning cable looks like mine. Even though it works perfectly its not very good aesthetically for an original cable. If you look on Ebay or Amazon its very easy to find cheap lightning cables which are (IMO) guaranteed to work only about 50% of the time. The number of times I have seen people constantly flipping their fake lighting cable around in an attempt to charge their phone could be described as “Numerous”.

Enter Anker, a company founded by an Ex-Google employee, which specialized in charging banks and cables. I’ve had great success using their products (this isn’t a paid advert) recently including buying a 3 pack of their braided lightning cable.

We shall see what their cables look like after a years use.

I’m cautiously optimistic.