Youtube demonetisation is like the (man) flu

posted: 2017-10-26
Youtube demonetisation is like the (man) flu - Courchevel Enquirer
Youtube demonetisation
In short I equate the current Youtube demonetisation to the (man) flu.
To explain the former, after a public outcry when it was found that terrorist videos (among others) were getting ad revenue, Youtube clamped down heavily and now uses a computer algorithm to check if videos are suitable for monazited adverts. As this involves a computer that is not named HAL 9000 and not a human person it is prone to errors. It doesn’t matter if you have 100 subscribers or 10 million the algorithm shows no favorites. For those whose livelihood depends solely on YouTube adverts having their videos demonetized at the point of release means losing the bulk of their ad revenue.
However like the (man) flu it’s great to complain about and garner sympathy even though everyone suffers from them (in different ways), you feel shitty and like the world is coming to an end but before you know it its gone within a few days.
In my personal experience I asked for a manual review of a video and it was re-monetized in a couple of days.

So if you’ve had a video temporarily demonetised, welcome to the club.

Now shut the f**k up.