Skier beats Snowboarder

posted: 2007-01-20
Mik, purveyor of fine alcoholic beverages to the ISBA and Swedish snowboarder had a close encounter on the slopes. While flying though the air after going over a roller his landing was blocked by a kid who had stopped in the blind spot of the jump. With no action available to him he clipped the shoulder of the kid with his snowboard knocking him over. The contact also knocked Mik off balance sending him crashing to the ground. As Mik unclipped his binding and started to walk back to see if the kid was ok he was confronted by the kid's father who, in a fit of east european rage, started attacking him with his ski pole. Holding the pole basket in his hand and using the weight of the handle to maximise his blows he rained blow after blow in Mik's forearm. So hard was this barrage that the aluminium pole actually broke. It was only the intervention of the kid, who turned out to be fine, that stopped the beating. In the time it takes to turn on light switch the psychopathic pole swinging tendencies turned to jovial hand shaking.