posted: 19-06-2011
As usual we alway have a few t-shirts/ hoodies left over. So if you see anything on the list let me know. I'll even post it for free.
1850 Print
Purple t-shirt medium (blue print)
Green t-shirt XL (blue print)
Green long sleeve t-shirt XXL (yellow print)
Grey hoody XL (yellow print)
1650/1550 print
Green long sleeve t-shirt medium (blue print)
Yellow t-shirt large

posted: 09-04-2011
After the sale of Chalet de Pierres last year finding a location for an end of season party becomes increasingly difficult. After several false starts Kudeta was chosen. After a similarly difficult search Livewire agreed to play and DJ Dan and G agreed to support. With the early closing of the Jump bar the before dinner drinks where included at the Refuge.
The end of sea

posted: 09-04-2011
A doppelgånger is a tangible double of a living person in popular culture that typically represents evil.
So Emma has an evil twin? Or as Emma is very naughty is she the evil twin? All I know is that many times this season I and many others have mistaken Katie from Supertravel for Emma from Powder White. Even down to clothing they appear to shop at the same stores. Wit

posted: 09-04-2011
 - Courchevel Enquirer
I guess itís a mixture of the hot sunny days, the melting snow, the dressing up, the alcohol, the impending departure of your co-workers but the eos ball is always a hotbed of, what can only be described as, the panic shag.
Clement(Funky fox) was the focus of many thanks to his excursion downstairs. To the credit of the young lady her lipstick was in remarkably good c

posted: 02-04-2011
 - Courchevel Enquirer
Although, throughout the winter, there are many activities for the seasonnaires itís the 3 valley rally that really brings out the competitive side of people. This of course has nothing to do with the intense rivalries between companies or even the creation of a new trophy bearing the name of the previous 4 years winner, Jennifer Clare.
This year it was the turn of se

posted: 01-04-2011
Following Parisís attempt to ban SUVs from the centre of the city. Courchevel has decided to go in the other direction and ban all 2 wheel drive cars next season. Following multiple accidents and traffic jams caused by ill equipped holiday makers driving improperly shod vehicles. Regardless of the snow conditions all 2WD cars will be impounded at Bozel and a shuttle bus