My problem with the London ski show 2015

posted: 2015-08-21
My problem with the London ski show 2015 - Courchevel Enquirer
London Ski show
You can tell summer is over when you receive the first email for the London ski show. You also get a slight shock when you see the price.
Last year I brought a ticket online for the Earls Court show at the end of October, only a few days before the show and paid £13 (£12 + 1 booking fee). So not really a very early bird discount. This year the location and the price have changed. This year if I book more than 2 months in advance the price is £20 (plus £1 booking fee). That’s more than a 50% increase over last year. If I wanted to buy a ticket nearer the time it was cost me £25 (plus £1 booking fee). That’s nearly 100% more than I paid last year. I think the door price in 2014 was £20 so a 25% increase. Without using the words ‘off’ and ‘rip’ you have to wonder where the money is going? Is the Battersea Evolution venue twice as expensive as Earls Court 2? Is the 50 foot snowy kicker costing an arm and a leg? Are they expecting half the number of people to turn up?

Now just in case you think I’m being a out and out hater I actually like, or should I say liked the show after spending more than 8 years working for exhibitors on the show floor. I’ve seen the show go from a 10 day event to 7 days and currently 5 days. This is quite understandable as year on year the number people on the show floor have visibly dropped and as the crowds dwindled so have the exhibitors. Gone are the days when Snow and Rock could justify their massive stand. Nowadays they have what is called an online presence, a small stand with some catalogues and an internet browser. Gone are the days when the show was full of small independent ski booths. Last year I remember seeing paint balling and financial services among the many non-skiing related stands.

The London ski show is at the Battersea Evolution from 5th - 8th November.