You wouldn't believe how difficult it is

posted: 2018-01-17
You wouldn't believe how difficult it is  - Courchevel Enquirer
To get people to drink free booze for my youtube channel.

Last year I decided to add "Courchevel Seasonnaire try (insert alchol here)" to my 150 days of winter channel. Seasonnaires drink various alcohols and react accordingly. Considering it was my first attempt there was some good and some bad and sometimes the bad reactions are better than the good. Despite some potent shots no one evacuated his or her guts on or off camera (in my apartment).

However as we move to Season 2, getting people to take part has been as popular as someone farting in a lift. Even after telling them of the amazing range of beverages on test, including water. Yes water. The silence has been deafening. But instead of politely saying No thank you I have been told more excusing than a teacher with a class of homework eating dog owning students.

Even with the promise of top end gins Milliot (the amalgamation of Millie and Elliot) have both taken great pleasure in blamed the other.

So here is the deal. If you would like to donate 1 hour of 1 day a week to getting drunk on camera then send me an email. No excuses now….